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Solotel Achieves Unprecedented Operational Efficiency

and Clarity with Managed Services Solution by OneKloudX

Solotel is an Australian leading hospitality group in Sydney and Brisbane that manages 26 venues including restaurants, pubs, and bars, offering services such as accommodation and dining experiences.

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Managed Services

How Solotel Transformed their Hospitality Operations

Complex Integration Environment

Navigating a highly customised NetSuite environment, Solotel faced challenges in effectively integrating third-party solutions due to the lack of documentation and technical expertise. This hindered their operational efficiency and ability to meet customer expectations.

Limited System Clarity and Usability

Solotel struggled with a lack of clarity on their existing solutions and limited knowledge of how to maximise the functionality of their system. This resulted in inefficiencies, suboptimal utilisation, and a need for comprehensive training to empower their team with the skills required for effective system usage.


"Implementing OneKloudX's Managed Services support solution was truly transformative for Solotel. Our team now fully understands the capabilities of our solutions and how to maximise them, thanks to services provided by OneKloudX has empowered our staff, leading to enhanced collaboration, greater agility, and effective succession planning. This has not only improved our operational capabilities but also resulted in a significant return on investment. We are now better equipped than ever to serve our customers and our communities."
- Nicole Connell, Financial Controller

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Recognising the need for a solution that could effectively meet their demands, Solotel turned to OneKloudX. The OneKloudX team offered a Managed Services support solution that promised not just to stabilise their system but also to document and streamline their third-party integrations. This approach required extensive cooperation between Solotel and OneKloudX. Through a series of functional and technical workshops focusing on Service Process Prioritisation, both teams worked diligently to create usable documentation that would form the basis for a more efficient system.