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Nomad Coffee Group - Streamlining
Warehouse Operations with NetSuite WMS

Nomad Coffee Group are the champions of specialty coffee roasting brands that are certified as carbon neutral, climate active organisation. Founded in 2000 Nomad Coffee Group are located in Australia and New Zealand.

Company Name:

Nomad Coffee Group




NetSuite WMS

How Nomad Coffee Group Achieved
Efficiencies and Scalability

Process Mapping Complexities

Navigation of the complexities of simultaneously process mapping and commissioning a new warehouse required meticulous planning and co-ordination to ensure a seamless integration.

Increased productivity of current staff

Nomad Coffee Group sought to leverage technology to fulfil their operational capacity without excessive reliance on additional human resources and spreadsheets.


“Implementing NetSuite WMS with the expertise of OneKloudX has improved our overall warehouse operations compared to just utilising NetSuite's Inventory Management module alone. It has provided better visibility of warehouse tasks against each resource and streamlined the inbound and outbound processes overall.”

- David Perkins, Head of Finance (ANZ)

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Nomad Coffee Group partnered with OneKloudX to implement NetSuite WMS, aiming to maximise warehouse volume management and streamline operations. Overcoming the complexities of simultaneous process mapping and implementation, Nomad Coffee Group successfully integrated the comprehensive NetSuite WMS solution. Challenges included limited stock visibility in a new warehouse location and the need to optimise processes. However, with the implementation of NetSuite WMS, Nomad Coffee Group improved stock visibility, streamlined operations, and achieved enhanced operational efficiency.