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How NetSuite Manufacturing Empowered
EYE Lighting Australia

EYE Lighting Australia is a leading provider of lighting products with more than 22 years of innovation in lighting technology. EYE Lighting manufactures technically superior products featuring solid-state LED luminaires and High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps.

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EYE Lighting Australia




NetSuite Manufacturing

How EYE Lighting Revolutionised their
Operations and Data Management

Revolutionising Operations and
Data Management

EYE Lighting grappled with managing their intricate sales order stock fulfilment, exacerbated by the limitations of their outdated Epicor ERP system.

Inconsistent and
Incomplete Data

The lack of native data within the Epicor system and the absence of a CRM resulted in frequent spreadsheet exchanges, leading to inconsistent, outdated, and incomplete data.


“The positive transformation brought about by NetSuite ERP has been revolutionary. It has streamlined our operations, eliminated complexities of sales order management, and eradicated cumbersome manual processes that were a constant burden. With a single source of comprehensive data, real-time visibility into operations has empowered faster, more accurate decision-making. The inventory management has improved tremendously, thanks to enabling cross subsidiary inventory tracking and sales, leading to greater efficiency and enhanced customer satisfaction."

- Anthony Caruso, CFO

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Identifying their need for a modern cloud solution, EYE Lighting Australia entrusted the implementation of NetSuite ERP to OneKloudX. The process of managing sales orders was significantly streamlined, eliminating previous complexities and inefficiencies. NetSuite has provided EYE Lighting Australia with a single source of comprehensive, real-time data, resulting in more informed decision-making. With the introduction of Inventory Batch Tracking, and faster sales opportunity management workflows, the company has experienced enhanced efficiency and customer satisfaction.